20 April, 2010


  • I was pick pocketed in New Orleans this past weekend. Awesome. (p.s. New Orleans, you were a lot of fun and I am never going to see you, and your hustling inhabitants ever again...adieu.)
  • I am supposed to get registered (and fingerprinted) for the state to prove I am who I am, so I can be my son's home health care worker. 
  • I have had this job since he was born, and with that particular title for more than three years. This is the first time they have wanted to check my id.
  • I was randomly assigned this month (April) to provide documentation.
  • Two of the weeks of April I had a child on spring break.
  • I must attend a 2.5 hour "training" and provide my documentation at this training.
  • There is no childcare available at the trainings. My childcare provider that was supposed to be around during those spring breaks has run off to another country.
  • Half the mandatory trainings are held in Spanish only, and I am not fluent.
  • The last English training for the month that is during a time that I am not in charge of my children is today.
  • The first DMV appointment I can get to obtain a new driver license is June 3, 2010 at 9:45am.
  • I cannot find my passport at home. Sadly, I believe it is in my safe deposit box (do not ever do this!) and I need, ahem, ID to get into my safe deposit box.
  • To get a new passport...if indeed it is lost... I will need a copy of my birth certificate.
  • To get a copy of MY birth certificate I will need to appear in person, with a state issued ID... in an office over 500 miles away.
I am going to curl up in a ball now.
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