15 May, 2009

Gwendomama Fund: Make a Real Difference for a Real Person

I posted a little something about Gwendomama previously, but am asking again for this community to rally around her.

Gwendomama is a really neat woman. I have enjoyed the hospitality of her home, the rigor of her conversation and the warmth of her friendship. She has a candor that is unforgettable, and a laugh that can fill a lot of empty. She is a supporter to many of us who struggle to raise special needs children, and has been a buoy and a light for many other families who, as she has, had their characters forged by the unimaginable loss of a child.

Last month, this strong, self-sufficient woman became a victim, and is now struggling to gather monies to pay her and her children's immediate needs: food, rent, utility bills.

Please forward, share, upload, download, whatever it is you do to harness the power of our connectivity. It doesn't take a lot from any single one, just a little bit from all. We are quite a force when we want to be.

Thank you for supporting Gwendomama and her children. Thank you.

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