10 March, 2009

Conversations I've had Today...

Other:   That was great. Thank you so much.
Me:        My pleasure. I really enjoyed working through this with you.
Other:    Make sure you bill me.
Me:         Oh no.  I couldn't.
Other:    No really. Please do.



Other:    Jake has been doing so well.
Me:         I've noticed it too.
Other:    Well, 
Me:        How do we go about replacing his aide so he stays this happy and productive?

(fair to middlin')


Me:        Let's go look at the fish. I think there is a dead one I really need to get out of that tank.
Other:    Actually, I think there are two dead fish. How often do fish die at your house?
Me:       Well, uhm, only seven since Saturday mid-day.

(not so good)


Other:     So I can't really breathe. I won't be able to make it today (15 minutes afte normal time of arrival).
Me:        Okay. We are okay. Feel better. See you tomorrow.

(pain in the ass)

Me:        Oh my gosh. What is that smell? Oh dear God how many boxes of raisins did they feed you at school today? Oh whoa, wow
Other:   silence
Me:      WOW! Okay it is everywhere. Okay. You are okay. We are okay. Okay.
Other:    snicker snicker
Me:      Okay. We are taking all of your clothes off out here. Wait I will get gloves. Don't move. 
Me:       Okey dokey we have no more gloves. Fant TASTIC!
Other:   Whoaaaaap! snicker
Me:      Okay buddy into the shower.
Other:   giggle. Doot doot doooodoooot!

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