16 March, 2009

At This Rate...

I will never ketchup catch up on:
  • sleep
  • laundry
  • dishes
  • blogging
  • emails
  • that stooopid monthly massage club thingy I joined which I cannot just up and quit because then I need to use up all of the roll-over massages within 30 days. However, since I now have 10 of them I should probably just quit while I am only this far behind rather than continue to pay for something I clearly have no ability to use given the fact that my children are apparently going to be snotty or with bad butt or both for the next 10-16 years. 
and I may need to give up entirely:
  • going to the gym
  • paying attention while grocery shopping (because I am ALWAYS in a hurry)
  • having friends be able to rely on me
  • working for money
  • having a clean dining room table (I swear I have not had this table cleared off since Christmas day)
  • bathing

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