04 August, 2008

Wow. Now That's Customer Service!

The Rite Aid pharmacy employee was just a TOTAL bitch to me. A phenomenal wow, seriously? kind of nightmare. And I know I am a bit of emotional Hulk right now so things can set me off, but c'mon.

They did Jake's insurance wrong and when I asked her to run it through the correct one so it would be zero dollars, she said I would need to come back because she had "a lot to do."

I said, "Well it should take about two minutes at the most because it has happened before."

Then she started to argue with me about how I should have told them which insurance to put it through (which I have) and that I would need to come back to get it--and she was huffy and puffy and hands tapping at the counter kind of irritated.

So I said "That's okay, never mind, it sounds like you are in sort of a bad mood, and I have a seven year old with a migraine so I don't care how much it is I will take it now. Thank you so much."

And she hemmed and hawed and said I would need to come back.

and I started to cry and said "I am having such an extremely bad day, a bad week really, and I have a child with a migraine and we need that medicine now. So I will just go ahead and pay the money and take the prescription now. It's not a problem."

Through the bullet-proof drive-through window glass, she held the medicine up in her hand close to her body and said I would need to come back.

And I said, "I will pay you the money for the prescription now. You will give me the medicine and I will leave right now with my son's medication. I am paying you now and you will give me the medicine and then I would like to leave right now."

She paused, sort of unsure, it seemed, of what to do with that many directives from someone who is not her boss.

Then she finally, reluctantly, slowly went to the register with the money I had shoved in the metal box (after reaching in and grabbing the handle so I could pull it out myself and shove cash in.)

She started to be argumentative again as I took the medicine. I said "I need to go now."

and so I left.

what a piece of work she was...'cause that was EXACTLY what my day needed.

The good news is that apparently she is a "floater", and not a new employee at my pharmacy...so I hopefully will never see her again.
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