07 September, 2005

Samuel L. Jackson Bugs Me

So uhm I just watched the Daily Show with John Stewart...and got bugged again.

Samuel L. Jackson was bashing the Red Cross...something like 'I don't give my money to the Red Cross, because you never know what administrator is going to line his own pockets'. Great... that's just great. As if there weren't enough distrust in the system and blame, and no one is taking care of people etc... now we have this guy saying we should really put our money in the right place and 'do something real' I think the suggestion was something like uhm make dinner for them. So I guess if we want to get together over here and make some macaroni salad, and can you cook up a few pies..and we'll mail them to Louisiana?

So I suppose I got a little fired up and I just posted the following note to his fan page under the "Ask the Man" section. Now I need to go to bed. My kid's bus comes at 7:28 am...which by the way..also bugs me.

Here's my post to the SLJ website...

I am just wondering if you really meant to bash the Red Cross when you were on the John Stewart Show?

I understand that if someone has millions of dollars, perhaps that one person could really set up a meal for 400 or 4000 people, or rent out the hotel etc... but what about the thousands of people who can give just $25.00?

Don't you think that an organization that is so well equipped and has such a strong infrastructure in the U.S., not to mention reasonable overhead, might be a great way for the average American to help the many people hit by this disaster?

I was saddened by your remarks, especially since you reiterated them, so it did appear to be a direct attack. Nearly every relief organization, religious or secular has overhead. If you have a suggestion on how a person in Fresno, or Omaha can buy dinner for someone in New Orleans without the use of infrastructure please pass it on to the rest of us.

Yeah so that's what I wrote... my husband thinks I'm crazy. He's the crazy one...he married me on purpose :)
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