26 September, 2004

Room to Read

Room to Read
I just read an article in the San Francisco Chronicle's Sunday magazine and was very impressed by this organization. They have a position open for the fund development manager. I wish I had enough time ( and probably some more experience) so that I could do this job.
I think that is one of my long term goals. I really only have two things left I need to do...become a published author ( I really don't think this counts), and open a wine tasting bar. Somehow along the way I think I would be good at working in the development department of a charity. I had a taste of it when I did some work for Children's Health Council in Palo Alto. Jake was in therapy there at the time, so it was a good fit. Maybe you can't be a charity case and be the development manager; maybe a nut case, but not the actual beneficiary of the philanthropic work. I will have to think on that a bit
As for the published author part, I am working on my book, but it is hard to find the time to write about being a parent of a special needs kid when you actually are a parent of a special needs kid.
We celebrated Jake's birthday today at Four Seasons San Francisco Hotel. A lot of my family from Southern California was in town for the USC vs. Stanfurd game. USC defeated Stanfurd, and we all went to Bucca di Beppo for dinner in Palo Alto on Saturday night.
Today's lunch was held in the private dining room at Seasons restaurant. It was really lovely. Of course Jake got a bit too excited and got ice cream all over Grandma's new St. John's Knit oops. My in-laws made their way over from Berkeley, and a good time was had by all. I mean we did have lunch until 4pm.
Jake passed out on his Daddy's chest before the clock tolled 7pm, and is now happily in bed wearing dinosaur pajamas...I am sure there is still chocolate cake in his teeth, but we will just have to fix that in the morning.
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