20 August, 2013

A Thank You to the Other Tables

Dear Fellow Patrons of Harry's Hofbrau,

You are awesome, and my son thanks you for greeting his whoops and hollers with smiles instead of glares. I am grateful too, as it made eating lunch a lovely date with my son, instead of feeling like a torturous way to get sustenance.

Thank God for people like you, the people who see difference and go back to your own lunch. Thank you for that, for giving my son an entire experience outside our house where he was included in the fold of society without judgment. 

I hope you get a chance to call the people who raised you and thank them for the good job they did. If I had the chance, I'd thank them myself. 

And you can tell all your friends about  how easy it was for you to do something that mattered so much to my family...maybe those other people will see how little takes to make us feel welcome. 

You made my day. 

The Mom of Another Kind of Kid
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