18 February, 2013

I Resolve to...

To honor number 7 on my list below, here are a few of my resolutions a full month and a half into the year. I figure I just finished packing away the Christmas decorations, so I am right on schedule.

New Year's Resolutions:
  1. Don't hold myself to anything I write below, but at least try to do a few things.
  2. Clean out the refrigerator once a week.
  3. Use up the amazing selection of cans and jars of things that fill my pantry.
  4. Be thankful I have full pantry.
  5. Use kinder words when I am frustrated with my daughter.
  6. Use kinder words when I am frustrated with myself.
  7. Get over myself and just hit "publish."
  8. Stop taking everyone's hand-me-down things, unless I actually have a need for the item. 
  9. Cull the books. They are multiplying.
  10. More water. 
  11. Call the fence guy.
  12. Kiss more often.
  13. Close the laptop sometimes.
  14. Throw it away, give it away, or put it away.
  15. Work with my son on using a fork.
  16. Wear my body confidently, without fear of judgement.
  17. Drink more tea.
  18. Call my mother before she sends the email asking if I am alive.
  19. Get passports for the kids, and make a plan for an adventure.
  20. Take more pictures, because so many good things are going to happen and I want to remember it all.
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