06 December, 2011

My Autism Team

MyAutismTeam.com officially launched today. I'm so glad I've had the chance to meet some of the great people there. It's a good project that is already so helpful, and the more data we add, the better resource it will become for other families.

From their press release: 
MyAutismTeam is the first social network specifically for parents of children with autism, making it easy to connect with others who have had similar experiences. The network is a Facebook-meets-Yelp style place for parents to share recommendations of local providers, openly discuss issues, share tips, and gain access to local services that they may not have otherwise discovered on their own. Since the summer, the site has rapidly grown from 30 to over 12,500 members, underlying the growing need of parents seeking support and an easy way to find the team of providers that best meets the needs of their children. 
The site is most beneficial for parents or caretakers of people with autism. Each member shares the "team" of providers and professionals who serve the individual with autism, and other members can see the team you have created. Looking ahead to families with children who are older than Jake can  help me figure out what providers we might need in the future.  I know we are looking for someone to create a special needs trust in the next year, and we will probably need to look into becoming conservators when Jake is a little older. I wish I had this kind of resource when Jake was three and we were searching for OTs PTs and everything else.

Please check out the site, and provide these good people feedback www.myautismteam.com and on Twitter @MyAutismTeam

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