01 November, 2011

Autistics Speaking Day

Today is Autistics Speaking Day, at least for a couple more hours. If you are participating, please submit your post to the official site!

Thinking Person's Guide to Autism has been participating all day today with Liz Ditz curating every post she could find, and Carol Greenburg (-CG) busy tweeting  @thinkingautism :
I'm autistic, not sick, not broken, just neurologically outnumbered 
--Carol Greenburg

Inappropriate laughter. Worst description of autistic behavior ever.
If you use this term consider the possibility you just don't get the joke
--Carol Greenburg

I have always been more comfortable talking than listening but I am really trying to hear what he wants to communicate. 

Jack might not have a lot of words, but he does have a lot to say, 

-and he always gets the joke
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