23 June, 2011

Love and a Dustpan

I haven't swept the floor all week. Not once. It is unimaginable that my kitchen floor could go six hours without needing to be swept, and it has been nearly five days. I am giddy that my feet are free of crumbs, pebbles and warm black dirt from our backyard. 

Sweeping is one of those things that I do not put into the category of "things that make our family different from other families." "Carries wheelchair in vehicle at all times" and "must have a straw or sippy cup available for my 10 year old" are in that category, but sweeping? How many times each day does a family with a ten year old boy sweep the kitchen floor? At our house the number is nearly uncountable.

Jake has been at camp this week. He's likely living it up right now at a dance or talent show, followed by some happy snuggling into his bunk. He's spent days surrounded by singing and crafts and pool noodles and fun. When he comes home, he'll grubby and covered in sunscreen and his laundry will need to go through both pre-wash and second rinse. And by this time tomorrow, these bare tiles will only be a memory.

Because Jake spills cereal, fruit and crackers. He drops his sippy-cup onto the floor creating little speckles of milk that spray across the hardwood, inviting dirt he has tracked in, to cling and accumulate. He takes at least a pinch of soil out of the kitchen garden planter on the porch, and brings it inside with him every time he enters the back door, and he dribbles pebbles and tan bark from his hands, his shoes and his pockets. He has fine layers of grit on him because he sifts rocks from dirt with the patience and endurance of an archaeologist on the verge of a great find. He gets dirty every day.

So as much as I love the feel of treading across cool ceramic tile, it also reminds me that Jake isn't home. And as much as I know he loves camp, I will be thrilled to kiss the top of his little puppy-in-the-rain smelling head. 

And while the reprieve from sweeping has been lovely, it will be wonderful to have myBoy and his sand-filled shoes home.

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