16 February, 2011

Bad for My Health-Good for my Spirit

  • Going to Dairy Queen with my kids (even better if my husband surprises us there.)
  • Drinking a bottle of champagne with my sister.
  • Napping on the couch, my feet tangled with my son's, his body having just learned to sit still long enough to cuddle.
  • Talking late into the night with girlfriends who live too far away to see at my local coffee shop.
  • Trying at least seven kinds of bold coffee in my new "Pod Canchine" (Single cup coffee maker)
  • Licking the frosting off my fingers as we decorate Valentine's day cookies.
  • Beating Critter Crunch (do NOT start playing this game on your iPad)
  • Watching a movie with my husband "past bedtime on a school night."
  • Sneaking candy before dinner with my daughter.
  • Skipping the umbrella because -it's only water
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