03 September, 2010


  • In 'n Out Burger opened up in our town (mixed blessing!)
  • I was able to change out the DVR with no problems... a tele that cannot be paused is just not a part of my daughter's understanding of the world.
  • my children are so happy at school.
  • every phone call I've had in the last 24 hours has been from someone I am happy to hear from.
  • we are going camping this weekend.
  • the plane that crashed 300 yards from my husband in the lagoon near his office, crashed 300 yards away from him, not any closer.
  • my son really wants to play on the iPod touch. I think we may have a winner here.
  • both of my children are asleep, and so is my husband.. I've checked on each of them.
  • the campground my hubbins chose for this weekend is a 10/10 in the California camping book.
  • I have really interesting, smart friends. I can spend hours at a time talking with most any one of them, and still want more time sharing stories. 
  • After 4000 miles on the road, my husband and I can't wait to get in the car again with our kids and drive across the state for some quality outdoor time.
I have a great life, really I do. And, as I sit here with Mama Mia in the background.. I am also very grateful that my precious husband can sing so much better than Pierce Brosnan.  In fact, whenever Cris Daughtry comes on the radio, Lucy asks me to turn it up so she can hear "daddy."
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