12 March, 2010

Did I hear You on the Radio?

Why yes you did!

Just had the most amazing morning. I have a great life, have I mentioned that lately?
Sarah Talbot, Shannon Des Roches Rosa and I were on KQED's Forum with Dave Iverson this morning, talking about our stories in My Baby Rides the Short Bus!

Here is a podcast link:

It was such a great experience. Dave Iverson is a very kind man, and he is an excellent host. He asks such thoughtful, interesting questions which always transition very easily.

I felt so supported today by my family, my friends I see in person every day, and the greater community from my past and those I've met online. I know some wonderful people, and I am always surprised and grateful when people read my blog/buy a book/attend a book reading/listen to me on the radio ('cause that is totally going to happen again..like, all the time!)

I am so proud to be associated with such a great book, and thankful to co-editors Yantra Bertelli, Jennifer Silverman and Sarah Talbot for including my essay in this great anthology.

and now I need to make sure my shirt doesn't have any schmutz on it so I can go to our reading in San Francisco at Modern Times Book Store. Hope I see you there!
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