19 December, 2009

Hurry Up and Celebrate...go go go go go

  • Sort suitcases and realize that even after purging we have enough for each member of the family to have three of their own.. including the dog. We keep buying new luggage because the old ones are worn out, but we don't get rid of the first ones.
  • color hair (me only) again. and again when that color is no good. and probably one more time because in my quest to save money (hello $250 at the salon? whatever.) I have now spent 8 hours and $100.
  • clean up all of the Christmas cookie mess. Did I really use 40 cookie cutters?
  • make bacon, because everything is better with bacon.
  • send husband for haircut. Barber needs a weed-whacker.
  • buy disposable gloves for all of the nasty things I must deal with in a small airplane bathroom.
  • make Lucy try on all of the clothes I bought her in July praying they would still fit in December, because there is no place to buy clothes for 80 degree weather in December if you live in Northern California.
  • Print out Christmas card address list and make address labels. Christmas cards are being FedExed to Hawaii because the company screwed up and mailed me 500 coupons for a diner giveaway in Minnesota instead of my Christmas cards. Don't forget to bring the stamps. Have forgotten where I put stamps. Happens every single year.
  • buy birthday card for good friend... fancy pants dinner party tonight.
  • clean up the dog poop on the side yard.
  • clean out the car.
  • complete two days of work in one day or plan on using laptop at MaiTai bar on Monday.
  • brush my teeth
  • try on every summery outfit I own, lament lack of discipline in sticking to exercise regimen, pack clothes even if they are a bit snug. They will magically fit in Hawaii, and I am not buying anything else for this trip.
  • Pack Christmas stockings. Santa must not forget the children.
  • Be thankful we have friends who will drive us to the airport at 6:15am on Monday morning.
  • clean house
  • take out trash
  • make to-do list for house sitter
  • remember to take the chargers for the phones, the camera, the laptops, the wi-fi card.
  • remember to smile because my life is wonderful.
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