22 April, 2009

Quick Notes

  • Lucy up all night long. Benedryl dose at 3am (she said she was itchy) this led to sleep to the munchies. She asked for Cheetos and salami. Because we are a registered Level A white-trash family, we had both. 
  • Bee swarm at the back door. Generalization alert: Children with autism think bee swarms are amusing, and are not disturbed by the site of 2 gazillion bees trying to get into the house.
  • Sister and boys coming: Thursday-Tuesday. Bee examination and extermination relocation: Tuesday-Thursday. Cleaning for soon-to-be-arriving guests Never-Not happening.
  • Dad also coming Thursday-Sunday. Number of beds in house: 4 Number of couch beds: 1 Number of people? 8 Number of people who like sleeping alone: at least 6.
  • Planning Holidaze 2009 already. Yes, really. Where are you spending Christmas/Chanukkah/Kwanza/Winter Solstice?
  • Temperatures low of: 74 last night.  High of: Hell +4 degrees
and in the write-it-down-lest-I-forget-I-laughed department:

Best compliment I've heard lately (slightly paraphrased during my fuzzy recall): 
"She looks like the type of woman who could kick your ass, then entertain you on a pole. I totally trust her with my kids."
This was *not* said about me.
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