15 December, 2008

Notes to Self

  • buy more liquid band-aid and put it on those cracks on my fingers before they open...and bleed, leaving little red drops on my children's socks in the morning and making it difficult to do things like pull up my pants, put on my kid's swimsuit or move the laundry from the washer to the dryer.
  • have Iz over every Monday, or any afternoon when I do not have Jake's aide here. She keeps Lucy entertained, follows direction easily and fills a little space that is hollow from not having a third kid.
  • go to the flea-bag motel in San Francisco and beat up whomever used that address and my husband's identity to try to secure three credit cards in the last week. 
  • finish decorating the Christmas tree before Christmas.
  • fold the laundry
  • get over the fact that it has taken a year for the school district to purchase a "talker" for Jake...they are working on it now.
  • stop feeling stooopid for trusting someone else with my child's happiness. I could have purchased those talkers a year ago and had him feeling this happy the whole time, and it would not even register in the amount of money we've lost in the market.
  • fill out the paperwork for my respite hours.
  • plan an extra date night this week.. and maybe next week, and maybe the week after that.
  • clean up the guest room for my sister and the boys as they pass through on their way to Southern California.
  • Use up more food from the pantry. Buy only onion, celery, carrots, milk, butter, eggs and cheese. and beer.
  • get to bed earlier than midnight at least 3 nights a week.
  • make the mailing labels for the Holiday postcards, which may arrive before the holidays are over!
  • be thankful that truly my biggest problem today was my daughter pooping in a diaper, leaving it in a corner and wiping her butt with an inflatable giraffe. okay that and the whole identity theft thing, oh and finding out that Jake's talkers still haven't been ordered, but really that's it. Yes, it was a deflated inflatable giraffe. 
  • take my boots in to be re-soled. again.
  • make an appointment to have that strange freckle/mole/oddity on my forehead checked out by a professional. One that has an M.D. and not just a M.G. (Mastery of Google).
  • go to the gym at least twice this week, and try not to be so scared of the treadmill. 
  • find our copy of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas..before it is actually.....
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