30 January, 2007

Candy hearts are not Vitamins

do you know how much I love candy hearts? It is wrong. After Valentine's day I sometimes fill my cart with candy conversation hearts. I like the white ones. I found out my friend Sage likes 'em too

My hair is falling out. One would think that conversation hearts and hair have not much to do with each other, except I wondered the other day whether I could last even one day without candy.

Somehow I have stopped eating food that is good for me and have begun eating basically nothing until my body starts to revolt and I eat nearly a bag filled with candy hearts. My husband and kids are still eating food that is healthy but by the time I nurse Lucy, make Jake dinner, feed Jake dinner, feed Lucy dinner, make Descartes something ... when I sit down to eat dinner I am so sick of food that I just can't eat. It also doesn't help that Jake's talker is programmed with my voice. So I hear "I want something to eat". in my voice about 6 gazillion times a day.

Perfect way to diet... listen to yourself saying I want something to eat all day long... you will never be hungry again...
until you are.. then you will eat candy hearts and then your nutrition will be so poor that your hair will fall out.
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