03 October, 2006

Notes to a friend

..when we sent Jake to camp this summer for 5 days (and nights!).. I really really missed him, and the noise and the hard work.. so the good news is... we do love our life.
Although last night at about 7:30 when Lucy was nursing for the gazillionth time (building up milk supply for next plateau I assume...) I said, "Uhm Descartes, I think I'm going to quit my job. It's just no fun anymore"...then I got the burst of smile from babyLucy and well, I opened a beer and reminded myself that I will probably never get to do any of this again.
No more labor, or nursing, or bathing baby butts or smelling like various stages of decaying milk. None of it lasts very long, even the hardest parts don't normally last longer than a few weeks. With Jake things have been stretched out over time, but even he looks like a big boy now. He just turned six on Sunday...
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