18 September, 2006


I have been rarely checking email for the last week or two we have been running from doctor's appointment to the pharmacy.

We have been dealing with Jake.. no surprise there, but he has had a recurrence of MRSA . Basically it is a staph infection that does not respond to most antibiotics. He had it right when Lucy came home from the hospital and we thought we beat it. This time it made terrible horrible wounds on his lower body and was very painful (even for a kid with a VERY high pain tolerance) and we have needed to be extremely conscientious above and beyond my normal geraphobiness to keep things bleached and hands clean, and of course there I am with eczema and nursing a newborn...we just spent the three days in the hospital (Descartes slept there) getting Jake intramuscular shots of antibiotic ever 8 hours. We weren't even allowed to leave our room. We have been reported to the CDC etc.

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