10 June, 2006

Looking for Childcare

Care Needed for my Crazy Monkey Boy-- Nanny, Babysitter, Someone!

We are a fun-loving family with a special needs child. He has mild cerebral palsy ataxia (he walks like he's drunk, but he does walk, run, hop, skip, jump and climb). He is also on the Autism Spectrum (but hey, isn't everyone these days?) He is healthy, and strong...with an emphasis on strong. At just 5 1/2 he's already 3'11" and 59 pounds of pure muscle.

Our kid has a lot of energy, loves to eat and run around the park or play in our backyard. He is just begining to talk, so he is a bit frustrated trying to communicate, but it is pretty easy to figure out what he wants once you get to know him. He is actually a very easy kid to watch as long as you don't ever let go of his hand in a parking lot.

So basically I need a bit of help. I am about to have a baby...any day now, and our boy's current caretaker needs to have surgery, and can't take care of the physical needs of children anymore (What a great suprise for me!). I am also still doing some consulting work, so we would like to find someone who wants to stay with us for awhile.

So we are looking for: - A part time nanny (babysitter, caretaker, second mom, child care provider, girlfriend whatever you want to call it...)

- Approximatley 20 hours a week

- Fairly set schedule (say Tues, Wed, Thurs 1:00-6 pm and a date night? we can work it out).

- Occasional additional hours possible if desired.

- Our last three caretakers have been $10.00 an hour. This is somewhat negotiable. I know it's not a million bucks a year, but the pay will be consistent and the checks won't ever bounce. We also provide money for ice cream, zoo, gas money for trips and such..of course.

- Pick Monkey Boy up from the bus (in front of the house) during summer school and into the fall so timeliness is VERY IMPORTANT.

- Prepare healthy snacks (or not so healthy trips to the ice cream parlor).

- Light cooking (for the kiddo, not for me...but you can unload the dishwasher for me if you want to).

- Take Tiny Man to the park, or zoo or something so you two don't die of boredom.

- Get him ready for bed with bath, jammies etc if necessary.

- Provide consistency with kiddo's school and life goals (potty training, eating with a fork, walking and holding hands etc.)

- Change diapers, wipe his nose when he catches a cold this winter, and all of those other things that I would do if I were watching him (like save him from a burning building, etc.)

Requirements: Male or female candidates only, excellent driving record, English speaking, experience with children and love of them, patience, valid Cal driver lic., your own safe and insured car (although we do have a car which could be used..we can talk about this one), and references. Joie de vivre. Physical strength and energy is a must. Please be willing to make at least a bit of a commitment. May not bring your own children. No smokers (or at least you can't do it with the kid, or smell like smoke). We have two golden retrievers who can stay in another area of the house while you are here, but the kid loves the dogs, so probably being comfortable with dogs would be helpful. Oh, and you must be able to tolerate a dark sense of humor and a very frank family.

Please email me and we can figure out if we are right for each other.
Thank you for considering our family.
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