30 July, 2005

Vaccination Fascination

Jake just had all of his shots for kindergarten on Thursday. We also did a TB test just in case San Mateo County would like to see that he is not hacking up a lung.

While we were at his 5 year appointment I spoke to his pediatrician about the whole vaccination fascination. I have looked at all of the tests. I have researched my child's actual vaccines by batch number.

Basically I think I need to send a letter to John Stewart (like this clear thinking woman did) I saw the actual interview.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr is a little this, a little that. I need to read more about him, but I am guessing he went from nature to mercury to vaccines. What a nightmare. I am a mom who does not point my finger at vaccines. I wish I could be a conspiracy theorist... it would make my angst so much easier to direct, but alas, I have actually read quite a bit of the data (ironically enough found straight from links on DAN websites touting the theory) and have researched...I'm just not convinced that that many people could really conspire on such a widespread level. I always find it amusing that the same people who spew that the CDC and NIH did not conduct their tests in a scientific manner are
A)not scientists (although neither am I).
B) are the same people who use anecdotal evidence to support chelation therapy and various other diets to cleanse their children of Autism.
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