25 May, 2005

letter endings and salutations

letter endings and salutations

So am I a weirdo that I was looking for a new way to end a letter? I kind of like Matt Maldres collected list so far...
"I'm compiling a list of endings to letters/emails. Can you think of any more?
* goodbye
* sincerely
* later
* God bless
* Godspeed
* take care
* love
* talk to you later
* best wishes
* kind regards
* with love
* yours sincerely
* yours faithfully
* yours truly
* yours ever
* yours respectfully
* hope to hear from ya soon
* onward and upward
* peace
* smell ya later
* later alligator
* cheers
* salutations
* shine on (my fav)
* May I always live to serve you and your crown

Matt Maldre's site is pretty cool. He is a "a 32-year-old Christian designer in Chicago." He puts up new stuff every day.

Here are my own additions to the salutations list:
  • fondly
  • with fondness
  • humbly
  • with thanks
  • adoring you
  • always
  • sitting and wondering
  • grateful for your friendship
  • wishing I could do more
  • already looking forward to next time
  • raising a glass to you
  • lost without you
  • waiting patiently

In other news my kid is going to kindergarten in the fall. Okay that is a LOT longer story than I have to write right now. Let me just say that I rarely go into anything unprepared, and this one came as as SHOCK. Oh well. He will love it. Who am I kidding. He is a 4 1/2 year old with a two and a half year old mentality stuck in a 7 year old's body. (Really he is the size of an average 7 year old white U.S. male)

So he is going to love going to school at a K-5. Right? He is. he IS. I was really thinking that he was going to have another year of preschool. One of the reasons "they" have for moving him on to kinder is that he is such a big kid and so many of the new three year olds are so tiny. I am a little bit thinking this is not my problem and has nothing to do with my child's educational needs. On the other hand I really would hate it if Jake squished someone. Someday he is going to be 6'5". What will we do then? Okay cannot go there now. Too much.. my fuse box is about to burst into flames.

And right now, my monster is not feeling well, so he is cranky and rolling about his room throwing his pillows. Lovely.
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