12 March, 2005

Just another Jennifer


...some kid in a class. What a great idea for a teacher.. make all of the students get a blog and post their homework online. Then the teacher can read from the Internet cafe [since we know it is a grad student drinking lattes.. then beer as it turns later into the day (or straight to espresso if s/he is the type who wears all black and carries an old brown leather mail bag as a carry-all for class]... Brilliant. I will become a grad student. That sounds like so much fun. Yes.. and I will study Philosophy...or The Classics..haHA.

by the way I have put my smallish child to bed tonight after looking at the CDC growth charts for peds in the US. Jake is the weight of an AVERAGE 7 year old male... and the height of an AVERAGE 6 year old. and I actually wondered the other day why my back hurt. ... amazing
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