27 August, 2004

(Somewhat) Ed-yew-ma-cated Ramblings


This is such a great explanation of budget etc. Of course, I don't know that it is all as simple as it appears, but it is a good starting point for thinking about it.

How do we keep our nation safe but our schools well-stocked? I think we can do both; can't we?

I actually think the two party system is failing us; it automatically pits one side against the other.

My husband laughs, but I still think the best way to run the country would be to have the winner be the president and the second-up guy be the vice president. Then no one would really be able to bad mouth each other, and the debates might be about something relevant rather than whether or not Bush was a wussy draft dodger and Kerry threw medals and ribbons, or just ribbons, or just medals, and if he was right to protest the war at all.

My brother Gerard just informed me that he is not going to vote. I think that's shameful, but didn't exactly use those words to tell him that. He is disenfranchised for sure... and is adamant that all politicians do is "lie to get your vote", then do "whatever they want" once they are in the White House. Yikes. I am not quite that cynical, but I suppose I am close.

I just can't imagine listening to Kerry's voice for four or eight years.. and I'm positive I can't stand anymore un-ed-yew-ma-cated (although remarkably well-lettered) George Dubbyew.

But politics is kind of like when my husband and I go to the movies:

After finding a babysitter, selecting a film, spending too much money for a cramped seat, we are invariably disappointed with the picture. We talk about it later , but what we always come to is... "What exactly, at this point, would please us?" We have low expectations of actually being thrilled by a movie, even then we are let down. Okay so how does that tie in? Well, I guess I just don't know who could meet my expectations for the White House.

I suppose I do want "The West Wing". Or at least the first couple of seasons. The best part about it? Well, when the audience doesn't like what it sees on the tele, the writers make adjustments to the president's actions.... hmmm now there's a thought...

Whatever... gotta get my kid dressed. We have no medical, physical, dental or auto appointments today, so we are staying in our jammies until noon.
Oops... it's almost 1pm.
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