13 July, 2004

Great Cause. Great Weekend?

Completed the AVON Walk for Breast Cancer this last weekend in San Francisco with my dear friend Bridquet. The good news is that the walking was not difficult at all for me. It was actually hanging out with all of the people. It was really quite like a sorority...all the tchotchke stuff and the pink and the special hats and t-shirts.
We made our shirts at Custon Ink I guess I got carried away... they said "Save the Boobies" with a pink ribbon. They really were very cute.... I thought it would put me more in the mood.
Basically I think that I would crew the event..or I would raise money for the event, but I just don't think I ever want to be on the receiving end of "GOOD JOB WALKERS!" EVER EVER again. I know they meant well....and perhaps if I were actually a breast cancer survivor I would have felt more 'proud' to be walking...but honestly I just don't think walking is all that hard for me. It was hard to raise $1910 dollars ( actually not that hard at all. I have very generous friends) AND I suppose it IS true that probably none of them would have just given me the money to donate if they didn't think I was working hard on something ( though many thought that it was a good cause whether I walked or not.) I just didn't think I was very remarkable for walking.
It was all just sort of weird and odd.
I am still glad I did it, but I am not glad that the woman in the tent next to me was so important that she had to manage 6 business calls in a loud voice from her tent at 3am. Apparently she works for Citibank...and she is very important....she must be very very important for people to call her at three in the morning about an alarm going off at a place where they are actually doing construction, so the alarm shouldn't even have been set. I know all of this because she did not exactly keep her voice down..despite being in the midst of about 1800 sleeping people. Oh and she answered the phone on the fourth ring of her cell phone..Oh and her cell phone was set on full loud super ring..Oh and it was a ring from hell..like DEEEEET deeeeeedle DEEEEEET deeeedle DEEEEEEEEEEEtDEEEET DETTTTTETETETETETTE
So yeah.. and did I mention that they ran out of food, served my vegetarian friend ( who had registered as a vegetarian) ONE pancake for breakfast ( though those in line before and after received more), they ran out of coffee, didn't set up most of the tents ( and those they did set up blew away because they were left un-staked), lost several bags... yeah that was the good stuff :)
Great cause...not a great weekend
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